White House Announces First Initiative on Women’s Health Research

“Every woman I know has a story about leaving her doctor’s office with more questions than answers."

Commentary: Our Work to Decriminalize Sex Work in Minneapolis

I developed a personal passion for ending the criminalization of all sex workers as a step towards honoring the humanity of all people who have been impacted by the sex trade. 

Why Do We Let Our Bosses Control Our Health Care?

If we don’t have enough nurses to care for us at our most vulnerable, that’s not good for any of us. We should be regulating that just like we regulate child care, where there can only be so many infants per adult.


Dark night of the soul

Linda MacRunnels faced more than her own mortality when she fought breast cancer

The right stuff

It’s more expensive to buy organic. But what’s the true cost?

Role Modeling

How nude modeling helps keep my body-image demons in check.

Kitchen-table activism

The Women’s Environmental Institute hopes to educate, mobilize & affect change with pointed questions about toxins in our neighborhoods, homes and food.

A mysterious illness changed her life

"I'm idealistic. I want everybody to not only access healthy food for themselves but for the sustainability of our planet. "-

An ounce of prevention

The FDA has approved a vaccine that should prevent most cervical cancer, but only for women who aren’t yet sexually active

Fueling economic empowerment— with food

Cooperative connects health and wealth

The body electric

At Suzanne River’s school, students come to know their bodies from the inside out