The Audacity to Be Asian in Rural America

Most people I knew in my hometown could not grasp why I cared so much about six Asian women murdered in America.

The People Who Help Us Bloom

The nice thing about this holiday project is that we make the rules.

Poem: Song for the Generations: December 26

Song for the Generations: December 26 by Gwen Nell Westerman   we…


Events: We Are All Criminals Illuminates Stories of Incarceration Around the Twin Cities

While one in four people in Minnesota (and across the nation) has a criminal record, four in four have a criminal history: that is, we are all criminals — and we’re also so much more.

Thoughts: Quarantined in Prison

I was let out of my cell for only an hour a day … for weeks on end.

How to Create a Village in an Urban Space

adapted from onthecommons.org

GoSeeDo: August 4­–14 — Minnesota Fringe Festival

  The 29th annual Fringe Fest is back for the first…

How I Will Save My Tongue

I will stop kissing. Butts. People. Men infected with viruses invisible to the naked eye.

To Be Yourself

I want to give people a sense of peace.


Minnesota Women's Press May 2022 Cover Artist

Placing Birth in Public Memory

To place an experience onstage is to insist that it is worthy of remembering.


The desire to unplug and the fear of missing out is constantly creating dissonance.

The Waters of Tomorrow

I wanted everything in the image to be construed as both playful and foreboding, because that is the essence of childhood.

Reverberating Bodies

It is time for Vietnamese women to be celebrated for our capacity to create visions of joy and wonder that speak to the spirit of all people.

American Bride

I decided that the print would be a self-portrait exploring my relationship with my identity as an American.