The Audacity to Be Asian in Rural America

Most people I knew in my hometown could not grasp why I cared so much about six Asian women murdered in America.

The People Who Help Us Bloom

The nice thing about this holiday project is that we make the rules.

Poem: Song for the Generations: December 26

Song for the Generations: December 26 by Gwen Nell Westerman   we…


Grrrls who rock

"I'm not very good at writing songs on my own, but my ideas always come faster when we all share input."

2008 Changemakers: Talking Suitcases tell unique life stories

"These are thoughtful, courageous, and sensitive women. As they worked, more and more memories came alive."

2007 Changemaker: Lauretta Dawolo

The KFAI Youth News Initiative brought 10 girls of color into the studio to produce their own stories.

Hip on hemp: Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis is the "hemp queen" using hemp and recycled fabric in her clothing business

Talk radio

Janet Robert brought progressive talk radio to Minnesota

Role Modeling

How nude modeling helps keep my body-image demons in check.

Voices from the shadows

Mona Smith uses the spirit of ancient American Indian storytelling to tell “video poems”

Women all day, all night

Behind the scenes at KFAI’s International Women’s Day broadcast

Conversations about faith

“Speaking of Faith” host Krista Tippett on women and the nature of faith in today’s political climate

Collective consciousness

Working collectively, Twin Cities artists and writers find inspiration, connection and community