Come Inside the Healing Hut

Photo Sarah Whiting I have always been curious about…

Anisa Hagi-Mohamed’s Affirmations

I feel like colonialism, war, and trauma have changed our language and mindsets. It doesn’t feel right. We come from such an abundant culture.

Cake Therapy: Baking the Way to Change

When you get into the rhythm of baking and creating cake designs, it takes you out of your mind and into the silence of a safe space.


Poem: “A Home Away From Words”

A Home Away From Words I slip my lanky self into the silver-smiling…

A Circle by the River

Line Break Media and 100PercentMN, a coalition of organizations…

Swallowing Your Problems Whole

Impatience is conveyed in this piece.

Q&A With Amanda Cortes, Springboard for the Arts

Collaborative action across borders and boundaries is one way that artists in Minnesota and beyond will deepen our work.

Q&A With April Cover Artist Aiyana Beaulieu

That idea of finding beauty, healing, and hope has always been consistent in my art.

Poem: “Be That Ripple”

Someday the stones are weathered

Northern Sun Is Closing With Giveaways and Deals

In 1979, Northern Sun opened up for business, largely by selling…

Feedback With Love

Carolyn Holbrook & Taiwana Shambley

A Piece of Family

Through making a story from the pieces of her life, I came to embrace Harriet as an unconventional sort of mentor.

2022 Changemaker Missy Whiteman: Indigenous Media Innovator

“This is the way we create now — we come together and use art as ceremony.”

Thoughts: Be the Voice of Iran

Iranians are still protesting the death of 22-year-old…

Her Beat

Making a documentary film is like buying a one-way ticket to an unknown destination, starting out with the belief that an idea or a person is amazing and committing to following the journey.