Arts & Healing

2023 Changemaker Rhonda Martinson: Policing the Response to Domestic Violence

They are not solely a critique of police policies and practices, but a way to understand the “why” behind missing pieces that block support for victims.

2023 Changemaker Hli Xyooj: Bridging the Hmong Community

“How do I empower myself by empowering my community?”

The Audacity to Be Asian in Rural America

Most people I knew in my hometown could not grasp why I cared so much about six Asian women murdered in America.


Voices from the shadows

Mona Smith uses the spirit of ancient American Indian storytelling to tell “video poems”

Kitchen-table activism

The Women’s Environmental Institute hopes to educate, mobilize & affect change with pointed questions about toxins in our neighborhoods, homes and food.

A mysterious illness changed her life

"I'm idealistic. I want everybody to not only access healthy food for themselves but for the sustainability of our planet. "-

An ounce of prevention

The FDA has approved a vaccine that should prevent most cervical cancer, but only for women who aren’t yet sexually active

Say it loud, say it proud, say “I do!”

Couples celebrate their love and commitment at Pride

Redefining family

Single women and lesbian couples who choose parenthood are transforming the donor insemination industry

Mothers of the church

United Methodists celebrate 50 years of women clergy

Transgendered among us

The struggle for acceptance challenges mainstream ideas of gender, identity and even feminism

Women all day, all night

Behind the scenes at KFAI’s International Women’s Day broadcast

Fueling economic empowerment— with food

Cooperative connects health and wealth

The body electric

At Suzanne River’s school, students come to know their bodies from the inside out

Teen travels beyond tourism

A teenager interviewed Pakistani women about their lives