Arts & Healing

2023 Changemaker Rhonda Martinson: Policing the Response to Domestic Violence

They are not solely a critique of police policies and practices, but a way to understand the “why” behind missing pieces that block support for victims.

2023 Changemaker Hli Xyooj: Bridging the Hmong Community

“How do I empower myself by empowering my community?”

The Audacity to Be Asian in Rural America

Most people I knew in my hometown could not grasp why I cared so much about six Asian women murdered in America.


Adventurous entrepreneur

Luisa Fuentes-Tuel is an immigrant, mother and businesswoman who’s proud of her Peruvian roots

The constant gardener

Mimi Hottinger has come to terms with the abuse that shattered her childhood

Minnesota’s legislating women

Can 70 women restore health care funding?

Giving back, getting back

Minnesota women volunteers act on their passions

Indomitable Spirit

H.Lou Tofte's triumphed over unspeakable tragedies. It will take more than retirement to slow her down.

History, herstory, whose story?

What today’s girls are learning in school – and books we think they should be reading

Valuing the work of childcare

Do we really value those who care for kids?

Is there a stained-glass ceiling?

"A woman has to be head and shoulders above the males to be considered as a leader-and even then, there are reservations."

Destiny? Fate? When you have the breast cancer gene

“Blue Velvet” sculpture by Minnesota artist Melody Villars.…

Dark night of the soul

Linda MacRunnels faced more than her own mortality when she fought breast cancer

The right stuff

It’s more expensive to buy organic. But what’s the true cost?

Role Modeling

How nude modeling helps keep my body-image demons in check.