Vignettes From a Badass Life

Or, the Foundations of Trying to Live Without Fear

The Awesome Power of Awe

The more overwhelmed we are, the more we need awe.

My Second Life on the Water

Guiding fundamentally changed how I view, interact with, and share our rivers and natural spaces with others.


What Neighbors Do

I began to question the value of the individual to the community instead of the other way around.

Into the Wild

all photos by Sarah Whiting Last summer, our Girl Scout troop…

The Big Lake Effect

Carah Thomas-Maskell (Photo by Nita Anderson) I grew up…
Lisa Pugh

Protecting Wilderness

The Boundary Waters is a vast, interconnected system of waterways, with no capacity to buffer acids, heavy metals, and sulfates — all signatures of copper-nickel mine waste.

A Cycling Journey of Firsts

Julia Lawler (Courtesy Photo) In late 2017, with my 30th…

What Our Parks Need

Photo by Sarah Whiting I grew up in Homewood, a planned neighborhood…
Alora Jones

Being Outdoorsy

Alora Jones is an avid hiker and camper, tree hugger, and marketing…

Wave Rider

Jenny Schwietz (Photo by Erik Gaffron) The first time Jenny…

Setting New Goals

LGBTQ+ content is made possible by Ellie Krug Cil Winton,…

A Wild and Alien World

Ecosystem content is made possible by Organic Lawns by…
Ebba Safverblad-Nelson

51 Days of Open Water

Ebba Safverblad-Nelson (photo by Sarah Whiting) Four…

Voices on Sports & Adventure

Rachel Avenido (Photo by Ron Wilber) Rachel Avenido Growing…