SERIES: How Ramsey County Addresses Public Safety

Ramsey County has consistently been able to solve homicides — at a rate of above 90 percent — because there's trust with the system and in communities, which is a big part of criminal justice.

Changemaker: Outspoken PFAS critic Amara Strande, who died from cancer in 2023

Originally published May 3, 2023 The photos displayed…

2023 Changemaker: Mercedes Yarbrough: Re-Envisioning Education One Comic at a Time

The goal, she says, is to “empower kids of color to see their history through a positive lens.”


Pan-African women and power

"The full development of women and girls is fundamental to the success and sustainability of any community. If women and girls are weak our communities are weak."

‘Cultivate 2012’

"I wanted to explore the linkages among health, poverty, agriculture and our food system. Immigrants are critical to our food system and they cannot be left behind in the local food movement."

Co-op women

"We may look like a bunch of grocers, but, really, we come to work every day with the intention of saving our world."

Sailing up stream

"Life on land can be very stressful in very minute ways, whereas life on a boat is simple. It's relaxed. Stress is reserved for actual stressful events like when you're running aground or a storm is coming."

Always the adventurer

Connie Van Valkenburg (courtesy photo) Connie Van Valkenburg…

2012 Changemaker: Minnesota nurses’ strike

"It felt like we were doing something extremely positive not just for the profession but for the patients and the community and the people who come through our doors."

2012 Changemaker: ‘Abandon ME’

"What women like about it is that it's not explicit. It's more powerful because it's symbolic rather than explicit."

2010 Changemaker: Peace Circle Initiative

"There were three shootings into my house. I couldn't sit around and watch it happen."

2010 Changemaker: Women & Water Rights

"We thought that by reaching out to different groups, having exhibits and different events, we could use art as the catalyst to bring the issue [of women and water rights] into sharper focus."

2010 Changemaker: The Reentry Clinic

"We're here to stabilize and support people in the choices they make. ... be supportive but also hold people accountable."

2010 Changemaker: Hnub Tshiab

"People must first become personal agents of change in order to create social change."

2010 Changemakers: 29th Street Petal Pushers

"Girls are always thinking about their fantasies but the business plan can help them think forward and stay on track."