SERIES: How Ramsey County Addresses Public Safety

Ramsey County has consistently been able to solve homicides — at a rate of above 90 percent — because there's trust with the system and in communities, which is a big part of criminal justice.

Changemaker: Outspoken PFAS critic Amara Strande, who died from cancer in 2023

Originally published May 3, 2023 The photos displayed…

2023 Changemaker: Mercedes Yarbrough: Re-Envisioning Education One Comic at a Time

The goal, she says, is to “empower kids of color to see their history through a positive lens.”


2011 Changemaker: Northside Women’s Space

"Why do you think a woman would want to sell her body? Would you want to do that? What if that was you?"

2011 Changemaker: Candy Hadsall

"Is it acceptable to have 15,000 cases of chlamydia and no one speaks up about it?"

2011 Changemakers: MCAD students meet WILPF

"Many of us see [this] as an opportunity to raise the next generation of women peacemakers."

2011 Changemaker: SlutWalk Minneapolis

"[the SlutWalk] message isn't telling people 'don't get raped,' it's telling people 'don't rape.'"

2011 Changemakers: ‘Women Making Change’

"If you don't like something, work to change it."

2011 Changemaker: Monica Nilsson

"Most people think they have nothing in common with a homeless person, ... Any way that we can build a bridge, to see that we have more in common than we have difference."

2011 Changemaker: Global Women’s Leadership Convening

"The bold question [for the café conversation] was 'how do we prepare and propel more women into leadership roles in public life and civil society?'"

2011 Changemaker: Safe Harbor legislation

"While this is huge, we are by no means close to being done."

Marathon Mary

"I'd rather run long and slow than short and fast. It's my therapy."

Feels like flying

Ski jumper Karin Friberg soars into her comfort zone Karin…