Action = Dining Out

Christina Nguyen, owner of Hai Hai and Hola Arepa

In 2015, a local publication photographed an entirely male — and almost all white — line-up for the cover of their “Best Restaurants” issue. While the issue included several profiles of woman-led establishments, it failed to acknowledge them on the cover. The magazine responded saying there was only room for 12 chefs at the photo shoot, and thus they were forced to choose the best of the best to include on the cover.

In response, 22 women restaurateurs wrote an open letter published by the Star Tribune. “We pledge to hold the media accountable. We are committed to fostering the development of our diverse and talented young food industry workers for the next generation. It takes a village.”

For this magazine, we sent out a call for women-led restaurateurs, women chefs, and food-related entrepreneurs. We welcome others — especially those in Greater Minnesota. Send your suggestions to editor@ with the owner, name of establishment, address, and website.

Note added May 30: After the disruptions in the community related to the killing of George Floyd, we are adding this list started by City Pages about Black-owned restaurants in the Twin Cities.

Restaurants: Twin Cities

  • Barbette (Mpls.) — Kim Bartmann
  • Birchwood Café (Mpls.) — Tracy Singleton
  • The Bird (Mpls.) — Kim Bartmann
  • Book Club (Mpls.) — Kim Bartmann
  • Bread & Pickle (Mpls.) — Kim Bartmann
  • Broders’ Pasta Bar (Mpls.) — Molly Broder
  • Buttered Tin (St. Paul) — Alicia Heinz
  • Dusty’s Bar (Mpls.) — Carrie McCabe
  • Eastside Eat + Drink (Mpls.) — Jamie Malone
  • Fig & Farro (Mpls.) — Michelle Courtright
  • Gigi’s Café (Mpls.) — Kim Bartmann
  • Grand Café (Mpls.) — Jamie Malone
  • Hai Hai (Mpls.) — Christina Nguyen
  • Hello Pizza (Edina) — Anne Kim
  • Hola Arepa (Mpls.) — Christina Nguyen
  • Dulceria Bakery (Mpls.) — Dulce Monterrubia
  • Lat 44 (Golden Valley) — Ann Ahmed
  • The Lynhall (Mpls.) — Anne Spaeth and Annette Colon
  • El Burrito Mercado (St. Paul/Minneapolis) — Milissa Silva
  • Mortimer’s (Mpls.) — Carrie McCabe
  • Nightingale (Mpls.) — Carrie McCabe
  • O’Cheeze (St. Paul) — Haley Fritz
  • Pat’s Tap (Mpls.) — Kim Bartmann
  • Patisserie 46 (Mpls.) — Elizabeth Rose
  • Pie and Mighty (Mpls.) — Rachel Swan
  • Pizzeria Lola (Mpls.)— Anne Kim
  • Red Stag Supperclub (Mpls.) — Kim Bartmann
  • Rose Street Patisserie (St. Paul) — Elizabeth Rose
  • Tiny Diner (Mpls.) — Kim Bartmann
  • Trapeze (Mpls.) — Kim Bartmann
  • Victor’s 1959 Cafe (Mpls) — Nicky Stavrou
  • Wendy’s House of Soul (Mpls.) — Wendy Puckett
  • Young Joni (Mpls.) — Anne Kim
  • Zoe’s Cafe (Mpls.) — Zoe McCrery

Food: Greater Minnesota

  • Aroma Pie Shop (seasonal starting in May; Root River Trail in Whalan) — Karna Hudoba
  • Britton’s Cafe — Bonnie Jacobson, 5 E. Chapman St., Ely
  • Gators Grilled Cheese Emporium — Michelle Rever, Ely
  • Northern Grounds — Cindy Beans, Ey
  • Organic Roots — Sonja Jewell, Ely

Food-based business owners

  • Burntside Lodge — Lonnie LaMontagne, Ely
  • Chef Shack Catering — Lisa Carlson and Carrie Summer
  • Chelles’ Kitchen — Lachelle Cunningham
  • Chowgirls Killer Catering — Heidi Andermack and Amy Lynn Brown
  • Eat for Equity — Emily Torgrimson
  • Fabulous Catering — Eden Fitzgerald and Dawn Drouillard
  • Gustola Granola — Angie Gustafson
  • House of Gristle — Jametta Raspberry
  • House of Halva — Elizabeth Kadosh
  • Insula – Sarah Wigdahl, Ely
  • Isadore Nuts — Tasya Kelen
  • Mademoiselle Miel — Susan Brown
  • Peace Coffee — Lee Wallace
  • Pinot’s Palette — Mila Krol (wine and art studio)
  • Spinning Wylde — Tevy Phan-Smith
  • Superior Switchel — Melina Lamer
  • Taste the Real Nawlins food truck — Christine Jefferson


  • Bang Brewing (St. Paul) — Sandy Bos Febbo
  • Twin Spirits (Mpls.) — Michelle Winchester
  • Urban Growler (St. Paul) — Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak
Susan Brown, owner of Mademoiselle Miel (photo submitted by Loews Hotels)