A Circle by the River

Ecolution reporting made possible by Seward Co-op, which has been a community-owned grocer since 1972: Together, we continue to cultivate a cooperative economy.

Line Break Media and 100PercentMN, a coalition of organizations working for a just and fossil-free future for Minnesota, produced this lovely 5-minute video based on the words of Ricardo Levins Morale’s words, with animated artwork, as part of a “Climate Visionaries” series in 2022.

They gave us permission to share it as part of our Values & Vision theme.

How is it, when so many species are disappearing,

that some are able to expand and thrive?

What allows a salmon run or a coral reef to recover?

What practices pose a real threat to those driving the destruction?



We don’t just need our ancestors, they need us.

As we need those downstream from here.

As an anchor point in the future.

Someone to dream about.

To fight for.

To walk toward.

Let’s go.