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Minnesota Women's Press
  • 2018 Changemaker: Eileen Hudon
    Ogichidakwe/Council of Female Warriors: Eileen Hudon advocates for women who are fighting domestic violence and sexual violence. "We are the ones who are going to make a difference in our [Native] community.”
  • 2018 Changemaker: Der Yang
    Hmong Village Lawyer: From negotiating car purchases at age nine to representing elderly women in court who are fighting banks to keep their homes, Der Yang says, “Right now I work with people who don’t have access to information, good legal representation, and a fair chance."
  • 2018 Changemaker: Maria Regan Gonzalez
    Raised to Lead: When she takes office in January, Marie Regan Gonzalez will be the first Latina mayor in Minnesota history. “I ran because Minnesota is 
    a state with some of the highest racial inequities in home ownership, health, income, education, and even park usage."
  • 2018 Changemaker: Me'Lea Connelly
    Banking on Community: Me'Lea Connelly's drive to create a new financial institution is because “I want to make sure I show my children, and children in our community, that we have a right and we have a duty to invest in ourselves as Black people. I want them to see there is desire, and there is a space for us to be the focus.” 
  • 2018 Changemaker: Jessie Diggins
    The Body Electric: Jessie Diggins says “the Olympics required hard work, drive, and determination,” but speaking out about her struggles with an eating disorder “took more courage and will have the most impact long term.” 
  • 2018 Changemaker: Asma Mohammed
    RISE and Shine: Asma Mohammed engages women around sexual assault, engages youth in civic action, and offers workshops on intersectionality and identity for people of color. "Once you fire people up and give them the tools they need, they are ready to go."
  • 2018 Changemaker: Norah Shapiro
    Battling Inequities From Law to Film: Norah Shapiro has created a film about Ilhan Omar's rise in politics, to serve as a ‘how-to’ for grassroots candidates, women of color, young people, and “anyone who has felt that the political system is impenetrable and hopeless.” 
  • 2018 Changemaker: Leslie Redmond
    Don't Complain, Activate: In March, Redmond, then 25, became the youngest president of the Minneapolis branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
  • 2018 Changemaker: Kathy Hermes
    Claiming Safe Space: Kathy Hermes directs Together for Youth in Duluth, a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, two-spirit, and allied youth (LGBTQ+). 
  • 2018 Changemakers: Kathy Magnuson & Norma Smith Olson
    Telling Women’s Stories: Minnesota Women's Press colleagues for 25 years, Kathy Magnuson and Norma Smith Olson served as co-owners/publishers for 15 years before stepping down last year. “We’ve always believed that a story holds a lot of power to build understanding and connection.” 
  • Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota
    Changemakers 2017: The Governor’s Office and the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota join together on a program for young women — the first of its kind in the United States
  • Women’s March Marchers — YOU!
    Changemakers 2017: “Nevertheless she persisted”… your efforts for raising women’s voices and live shake the world
  • WeARE The Clinic
    Changemakers 2017: Years of grassroots activism come to fruition when a group of women open a health clinic offering sex education and resources to youth in Brainerd
  • Sarah Rasmussen
    Changemaker 2017: As artistic director of the Jungle Theater since 2016, she has made dramatic advances in the local theater world for women
  • Melissa Hortman
    Changemaker 2017: Listening to women of color at the State Capitol
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