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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Voices About Greater Minnesota
    Tapestry: Women from around the state submitted their stories about what makes Minnesota great for them.
  • Undercover
    There are more than 90 pregnancy crisis centers in Minnesota. This essay was submitted by a woman who decided to find out what happens at a state-funded resource center, compared to a Planned Parenthood clinic.
  • EVENT: Transformation
    NOTE we have postponed the MWP Conversation about transformative justice. It conflicts with National Night Out, and other summer activities. We'll wait until fall to reschedule with three women who are shifting narratives to effect change: Minneapolis NAACP Vice President Anika Bowie, First Lady of Minnesota Gwen Walz, and unPrison Project director Deborah Jiang-Stein.
  • Where can you find the Minnesota Women's Press magazine?
  • The Cycle of Our Justice
    Marcie Rendon writes about her writing work at county jails. "If it gives even one woman the opportunity to glimpse herself as something more than an incarcerated woman — to see a future beyond the jail — it can be a stop gap against future incarceration."
  • Transforming Hearts (Including My Own)
    Learning Life: 2018 Minnesota State Teacher of the Year Kelly Holstine writes about how her students at Tokata Learning Center in Shakopee have impacted her.
  • Do-Over
    Perspective: Ellie Krug writes about the work of transformation involved in living an authentic life, despite the inner obstacles.
  • Voices on War & Peace
    Commentary of everyday women engaged with our topic of the month: Kavenaugh hearings, Bosnian genocide, WWII memories, the silence of trauma, military spending, internment camps.
  • Women Forging Peace
    Sen. Sandy Pappas writes about the work of Forward Global Women, an organization she co-founded that brings together Muslim, Jewish, and Christian women from eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa to discuss issues such as Syrian refugees, women’s representation in peace and security negotiations, and violent extremism.
  • Unchecked Authority
    We realize that some of the events we thought were normal, or our fault, or “boys being boys,” or something we had to put up with, were none of those things.
  • Voices on Sports & Adventure
    Tapestry: Commentary of everyday women engaged with our monthly topic. This month's ask: How has sports or adventure been part of your life?
  • What Our Parks Need
    Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson was named by Governor Tim Walz to serve on the 17-member Metropolitan Council, which sets policy and provides services in the Twin Cities for public transit and mobility, wastewater treatment, regional parks, affordable housing, and more. She writes of her interest in strengthening parks and recreation.
  • Wave Rider
    Jenny Schwietz owns eight surfboards and has become one of Lake Superior’s best-known year-round surfers. Reported by Jana Studelska.
  • The Song of Life
    Endings Theme: Megan Druckrey reflects on her work as a hospice music therapist. "When we sing or play a song that holds meaning for someone, it automatically transports us to that time and place. We are able to access memories more easily."
  • Voices on Endings
    Tapestry: Commentary of everyday women engaged with our topic of the month. "When we face death head on, it helps us realize that we have one life to live fully, according to our values, starting today." — Jackie Yaeger
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