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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Voices About Greater Minnesota
    Tapestry: Women from around the state submitted their stories about what makes Minnesota great for them.
  • Being the Bulldozer
    Perspective: Teresa Kunechne on the role of women as bulldozers. "Someone once told me that research shows the people most likely to be fierce supporters and activists are women from lower incomes, women of color, and rural women."
  • Undercover
    There are more than 90 pregnancy crisis centers in Minnesota. This essay was submitted by a woman who decided to find out what happens at a state-funded resource center, compared to a Planned Parenthood clinic.
  • Taking Action Statewide
    Greater Minnesota: The first report of the Minnesota Equity Blueprint offers a glimpse inside community partnerships that are solving statewide public policy needs related to demographic realities and geographic disparities.
  • Growing Community
    Greater Minnesota: How community leaders in Tracy and in Winona are leading work that welcomes and connects the immigrant families that help their towns thrive.
  • Alicia Kozlowski: Leading With Heart
    Politics & Policy: Duluth's Community Relations Officer says, "“I would say being raised and mentored by super fierce women who just figured out a way to adapt and thrive despite some pretty serious, challenging barriers is what helped me to get to where I’m at today."
  • Protecting Wilderness
    Grounded: Lisa Pugh shares her story about the love she has for Minnesota's northern wilderness, and why she is fighting to protect it.
  • My Sanctuary of Wildcats
    Pets Guide: Tammy Thies writes about how her marketing career at Coca-Cola ended up turning into a life in Sandstone leading a wildcat sanctuary.
  • Wave Rider
    Jenny Schwietz owns eight surfboards and has become one of Lake Superior’s best-known year-round surfers. Reported by Jana Studelska.
  • 51 Days of Open Water
    Grounded: Ebba Safverblad-Nelson writes about Femmes du Nord. "The silence rang in my ears. It was the absolute stillness of a lake as calm as glass and a landscape without trees. It was the silence of isolation — of the knowledge that we had put hundreds of kilometers between us and the last place where we had seen other people."
  • A Wild and Alien World
    Conscious Mind: Emeri Burks writes about her adventures underwater. "After you dive, how could you not find all life beautiful with this diversity? How could you not be moved to a state of humility?"
  • Broken System: The Crisis of Elder Abuse in Minnesota
    Act Now: Elder abuse complaints have increased from 4,000 in 2010 to nearly 23,000 in 2017. Minnesota is the only state that does not license assisted-living facilities, which makes it difficult for the state to enforce standards of care. Assisted living licensure is one of the changes Elder Voice Family Advocates is pushing for in the Minnesota legislature this session.
  • We Ride to Heal
    Gabrielle Strong on her experiences with the Dakota 38 horse ride from South Dakota into Mankato, Minnesota, to help heal Native generational trauma.
  • Education Guide: Connecting Us With MinneStory
    Melissa Wray writes about how she is capturing storytelling in Minnesota communities, as she prepares to build a cultural community center in Caledonia.
  • Perspectives #2: Face-to-Face With the Divide
    Ann Markusen reflects on the personal impact of seeing Amoke Kubat's play.
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