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Minnesota Women's Press finds storytellers and experts thanks to community input. We share them in our magazine pages and on, as well as in this new #MWPConversations series. 

The MWP Conversations series is about using the power of women to shift narratives and effect change. How does trauma impact all of us, what solutions deserve support, and how can we build stronger trauma-informed community and policy? 




4:30-5pm Social connections and conversations

Social time, registration, wine/tea/coffee ... visit tables that provide resources about the science and healing of trauma, legislative action, and more

5-6pm Opening Session

Women's Press editor Mikki Morrissette opens with a conversation with Ashley Powell, a young North Minneapolis woman who has examined community trauma ... Eileen Hudon, a Native elder who works in sexual assault healing ... Patricia Cumbie, who authored a book about how she reclaimed her body after assault through belly dancing ... Patrice Salmeri about the science and stigma of addiction ... and Chris Stark, about the impact of generational trauma. This opening discussion will introduce participants to the breakout session options where groups will take deeper dives in conversation.

  • Sadly, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are so common that the state is investing $4.9 million in mediating the effects of trauma and other mental health services in schools. We'll discuss how ACEs have long-term impact on brain development.

6-6:45pm Mingling, food, and music

Social time and conversation, visit tables of information, buffet food thanks to Tracy Yue

7-8pm Diving Deeper: Breakout Sessions 

  • Resilience & Adversity: A conversation about how to build a better system for addressing adverse childhood experiences. To include: representatives of Minnesota Communities Caring for Children Lisa Deputie and Linsey McMurrin; Donna Minter, Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute; Libby Bergman, Family Enhancement CenterConversation led by Carol Koepp.

  • Treatment & Solutions: How can the effects of trauma be mitigated? A discussion about evidence-based treatment that might deserve more support, funding, legislative action. What is the measurable impact of animal therapy, EMDR and SMART therapy, yoga/body movement, meditation, and more? Conversation led by Molly Glasgow. To include: Angela Zaun Oliswang, Terra Firma ... Heather Jeffrey, Acres for Life ... Kelly Tope, Farmaste ... Sylvia Bartley, author of "Turning the Tide" and Senior Global Director at Medtronic... and Ambryn Melius and Mara Bliss, Family Enhancement Center.

  • Talking Addiction: What does the science of addiction tell us, and how can we better use that information to shift narratives about the issue? What are new methods toward treatment? To include: Patrice Salmeri, Augsburg University's Director of Recovery Advancement, and others to be named. 

  • Acknowledging Impact: Why trauma is not ‘something in the past to forget about.’ A moderated conversation among trauma survivors led by Shaundelle Darris.

  • Meditation Space: A quiet room for meditative contemplation and stitching. Facilitated by Marjorie Fedyszyn.

8-8:30pm Concluding Group Conversation

A summary of breakout discussions led by moderators, and a conversation about solutions for healing that participants would like to raise awareness about in the wider community. What are next steps in legislative action participants can take? Talking points for how to support trauma as a societal concern, not simply an individual-by-individual mental health issue. 


Thanks to our event partners for helping MWP Conversations happen!


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The Series

April 25, 2018: “Powerful Everyday Women,” at Chowgirls venue. Our first MWP Conversation was a success, featuring six notable storytellers and more than 100 women. Focus: how we pledge to use the power of our voice as women this year. Click for storytellers. 

October 16, 2018: “Using Our Voice & Vote,” at Carondelet Center, St. Paul. Focus: community inspiration, tools, and connection for mid-term elections and post-election lobbying. Click for summary.

January 15, 2019: “Healing Trauma,” at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis. Focus: what NEAR science says about the impact of intergenerational trauma, adverse childhood experiences, exploitation — and what is required for healing and restoration. Click for registration.

April 13, 2019: “Elders & Endings,” at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis. Focus: a day-long event featuring elder care specialists, end-of-life doulas, hospice caretakers, and perspectives on transition. Click for preliminary program and registration.

July 9, 2019: “Restoration.” Focus: recorded conversation with select participants about restorative justice, reparation, reformation vs. punishment (for a future deep-issue topic in MN Women’s Press).