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Minnesota Women's Press
  • The Cycle of Our Justice
    Marcie Rendon writes about her writing work at county jails. "If it gives even one woman the opportunity to glimpse herself as something more than an incarcerated woman — to see a future beyond the jail — it can be a stop gap against future incarceration."
  • Transforming Hearts (Including My Own)
    Learning Life: 2018 Minnesota State Teacher of the Year Kelly Holstine writes about how her students at Tokata Learning Center in Shakopee have impacted her.
  • Camp Guide: Freedom School
    Cyreta Oduniyi writes about the Freedom School curriculum, and why she thinks it should be implemented statewide.
  • Re-engineering Minnesota Education
    Lynnell Mickelsen: "There are thousands of amazing people doing amazing work in public schools every day. But they cannot overcome a system that is engineering the racial results we’re getting."
  • Feminist on the Prairie
    Ashlee Moser: What would it mean to expand our understanding of a place like North Dakota to include its voices of feminist and progressive politics? 
  • A New Point of View
    Ikran, 16: "The thing I’ll miss the most is seeing the stars at night, because in the city you only see like one star and then it ends up being a plane or something." 
  • Showcasing Overlooked Stars
    Eh Re Noh Say: “A lot of girls got scouted to play for college, which is amazing. I heard from a Duluth college because of the tournament!"
  • How to Re-Align  Our “Normal”
    Learning Life:  "To build something new, and to get to where many of us say we want to go, we truly have to understand and acknowledge and face our history as a nation."
  • Outward Bound for Girls: 1965
    In 1965, in northern Minnesota, 24 teenage girls had an experience that changed their lives. For 30 days, they lived in the wilderness. At the time, girls were considered to be “soft, pampered creatures,” as one observer put it. 
  • Root for the Home Team
    Teaching young growers with Roots for the Home Team, chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard's passion, and behind-the-scenes with a food stylist.
  • Journey to Self-Discovery
    Neda Kellogg: The New Bush Fellow explains how Project DIVA changes girls' lives.
  • Jessica Melnik: On a Mission
    Learning Life: High school junior Jessica Melnik has led a coalition to try to get a curriculum into Minnesota schools to build awareness about the sex trafficking issue.
  • What I Learned About Restorative Justice
    Learning Life: Awareness and understanding sometimes come from the most unexpected places. In my case, it was from going to San Quentin State Prison, in northern California.
  • Kathy Coskran: Education produces girls with a vision — powerful, capable, articulate girls with a future. 
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