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Minnesota Women's Press
  • My Career in  Manufacturing
    Education Guide: My Career in Manufacturing
  • 36 Years, 12 Women
    Women Going Places Guide: 36 Years, 12 Women
  • Our Shared Trauma of Race
    BookShelf: "Children know when they are missing out — and when they are genuinely welcomed and loved."
  • Action in the Pipeline Process
    Act Now: For several years, community members have worked together to try to stop oil pipelines from cutting through Native lands in Minnesota that are used for clean-water fishing and wild ricing.
  •  Minnesota Fringe Festival
    GoSeeDo special: Women-focused events at the annual festival
  • Gentle Complexity
    In this issue, we explore how our environmental and political climate is heating up. Might nature offer an antidote?
  • Political Heat: Minnesota Mining
    In a community that has traditionally been Democratic, yet saw a large number of votes preferring the Republican Presidential candidate in 2016, the gap between many job-seeking voters and environment-oriented voters is a contentious one. 
  • It’s About Environment
    The big question is, to what extent can mining companies know that they can contain any environmental damage to water and air?
  • It’s About Science
    Cloquet-based biologist and aquatic ecology scientist Nancy Schuldt is a Fond du Lac Water Projects coordinator who specializes in toxicity research and watershed hydrologic modeling. She offered this perspective on the science behind the environmental concerns. 
  • Economic reasons are the primary driving force pushing forward projects that are potentially harmful to water and air. What story do the numbers tell?
  • Winona LaDuke on the Pipeline
    Grounded: "I’m ready to grow the next economy — one that’s fair and clean."
  • Fresh Off the Boat
    Storyteller: "My little brother and I huddled against Mother’s body, clutching fistfuls of her skirt."
  • What Change Do You Seek?
    Reader Response: Make everyone count, tax equity, vote on climate change, be kind, adjusting mindset on values
  • How to Re-Align  Our “Normal”
    Learning Life:  "To build something new, and to get to where many of us say we want to go, we truly have to understand and acknowledge and face our history as a nation."
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