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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Making Connections
    Editor's Letter: This Greater Minnesota theme is partly about recognizing that the ‘urban/rural divide’ is not a line in the sand. Lovers of nature, activists, community builders, and those who invest time in developing skills are everywhere. We all seek healthy connections with others based on shared values, while also figuring out how to disagree and still interact day after day.
  • Transformative Thinking
    Editor's Letter: Transformative justice might do much more to deter crime than punishment does. "Think about how society might be transformed if we invested some of our policing budget into the mental health services and access to food, for example."
  • Planting Seeds
    In 1935, radio commentator Dorothy Thompson said, "When our dictator turns up, you can depend on it that he will be one of the boys, and he will stand for everything traditionally American. Nobody will ever say 'Heil' to him, nor will they call him 'Führer' or 'Duce.' But they will greet him with one great big, universal, democratic, sheeplike bleat of 'O.K., Chief! Fix it like you wanna!'”
  • Pivot Points
    For me, being the lone woman in locker rooms with professional athletes was not about breaking barriers. It was about getting to the human stories. It is a pleasure in this issue to showcase the power of women engaged in sports and adventure.
  • The Cycle of Life
    This issue, and our April 13 event, "MWP Conversations: Endings," are about our cultural tendency to reject death as an option — and how to live intentionally. The narrative shift we are seeking: a re-set about how we (don’t) talk about death, the dying, the elderly, the grieving, and the chronically and terminally ill.
  • The Feminists of Women's Press
    This issue explores the many viewpoints of powerful, everyday Minnesota women working for equity. I asked the team behind Minnesota Women’s Press to respond to this question: “What messages made you the feminist that you are today?”
  • Healing in Community
    Trigger Warning: This entire issue, including this letter, could be triggering to those who have survived trauma, especially sexual violence. 
  • The Fluidity of Identity

    A few of our essays this month offer intimate looks at the categorization of gender. Several stories delve into the restrictions we place based solely on the borders of country and ethnicity. Our Think items offer a glimpse at the arbitrary nature of race as a classification. Our new Perspectives series goes deeper into the tension we are now confronting in society.

  • Making Change
    Giving birth to a new era in leadership happens not only through politics, but by grassroots organizing, education, new business, and conversation forums. All of the women featured in this annual issue about Changemakers are midwives to the future. 
  • A Vision of Progressive Solidarity
    Our future changes thanks to the visionary thinkers and doers who take us a step further. This magazine showcases many of them in this, the Year of Powerful, Everyday Women.
  • We Are the Ones to Lead
    Editor's Letter: Habon Abdulle and others we have featured in this magazine know that politics and policy is about building relationships that help our community thrive. We are the change we seek. We are the ones to lead.
  • Definition by Story
    Editor Letter: How we define ourselves, and others, through malleable stories in the brain.
  • Gentle Complexity
    In this issue, we explore how our environmental and political climate is heating up. Might nature offer an antidote?
  • Finding Place in the Space We Share
    Editor's Letter: How we rejuvenate in spaces, how we seek belonging in places, and our history in traumatizing the uprooted
  • The Evolution & Revolution of Food
    Editor's Letter: On food memories, and Minnesota women engaged in the food justice movement
  • The Nature of Giving Care
    Editor's Letter: As Robin Kimmerer, author of "Braiding Sweetgrass" puts it, “If all the world is a commodity, how poor we grow. When all the world is a gift in motion, how wealthy we become.” 
  • Why this is the Year of Powerful Everyday Women
    When the Minnesota Women’s Press hosts its first Conversation Event on April 25, we are starting a long-term relationship with our growing community that spotlights women doing what we do best: communicating, collaborating, and acting into a powerful future. Tickets at https://tinyurl.com/MWPevent
  • How Iceland Reminded Us How We Intersect
    I begin with the story of Iceland because I love how its women were able to remind everyone, on one pivotal day, how we intersect as a society.
  • February 2018: Making the Invisible Visible
    There is so much incessant chatter around us. How do we hear what is meaningful, and see what deserves our attention? That is partly what this issue of Minnesota Women's Press is about.
  • January 2018: Welcome to new ownership!

    It is in connection and collaboration that we become what we are: Powerful. Everyday. Women.

    A heartfelt welcome from a new team at Minnesota Women’s Press! For nearly 34 years this publication has connected Minnesota women with stories by women, for women, about women. I have been honored to be a feature writer in its pages for 15 years and am thrilled to be the new owner and editor.
  • Making change at the Press
    ThisIssue: Honoring stories of "rockstar activists" that create community and encourage activism
  • Care for Mother Earth
    ThisIssue: Women and young people work to protect our planetary home
  • Do you have a calling?
    ThisIssue: What we are called to do and how we define ourselves
  • Bodywise
    ThisIssue: The beauty that comes from within and the wisdom of our bodies
  • A day in a life
    ThisIssue: Collecting stories, as we do, enables us to meet strong, interesting women - as well as find out about pivotal decisions that turned a life path
  • Choices and risks
    ThisIssue: Whether acting from a place of privilege or proactively making risky choices, women make conscious decisions every day
  • We want it all
    ThisIssue: On standing on the shoulders of remarkable women
  • Stories from women around the world
    ThisIssue: We explore how women are making a difference in our changing and shrinking world
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