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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Wave Rider
    Jenny Schwietz owns eight surfboards and has become one of Lake Superior’s best-known year-round surfers. Reported by Jana Studelska.
  • A Wild and Alien World
    Conscious Mind: Emeri Burks writes about her adventures underwater. "After you dive, how could you not find all life beautiful with this diversity? How could you not be moved to a state of humility?"
  • The Death Café
    Conscious Mind: Christin Ament writes about Death Cafés, which are designed to bring normalcy to mortality and demystify ideas around dying. The experience is a gathering of people — often strangers — who meet for refreshments and circle up to discuss death.
  • How to Find Security
    Conscious Mind: Nausheena Hussein reflects on what made her feel safer in her neighborhood after someone acted aggressively toward her.
  • My Slow Movement Holiday
    HOLIDAY GUIDE: Julie Kearns writes about her transformation to a different kind of consumer who is "consciously opting out of the speediest, easiest, most expedient option in favor of choosing connection, community, and intention."
  • Artistic Transformation in Small Towns
    Ashley Hanson: "Although this work can be isolating, challenging, and underfunded, rural arts is producing powerful work that is getting more recognition for the impact we are having in our communities."
  • SPIRITUALITY GUIDE: End-of-Life Conversations
    Jane Whitlock: "As his death drew near, I became aware that I was woefully unprepared spiritually to enter into this experience with him.  I didn’t know it then, but what I needed was an end-of-life doula to help me be a companion to him."
  • Cooling My Heels
    Marilynne Thomas Walton: "If we were all blind, as my mother was, would we befriend all people? Our love offered because of the ring of a cheerful voice, a deep or lilting laugh, a gentle touch."
  • Cable Access Yoga
    Health and Wellness Guide:  Cable Access Yoga
  • Grounded: Is It Time to Redefine Sustainable?
    Jenny Breen: How to become a more mindful consumer of the food system, including understanding the term 'organic.'
  • Caring for Oneself Is Not Optional
    Conscious Mind: Aida Martinez-Freeman shares what she learned about the difficulty of stepping back.
  • Barbara Vaile: It is said that the remedy for our contemporary society is to educate to know the self — that our life pathway is to learn to create wholeness.
  • Sisters in spirit
    ThisIssue: The March spirituality-themed magazine shares voices of women from many different perspectives.
  • Women's Spiritual Community
    YourStory Lynn Scott's women's circle helps her find her deepest sense of Self
  • Midwives of the spirit
    YourStory: Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew reminds us that we all need to push through the pain to become more alive
  • LockedFeature: Sarah Walker is a sociologist, advocate, lobbyist and reformer and is passionate about fairness.
  • Our Spiritual Circle
    YourStory: Mother/daughter led spirituality circles expands personal vistas
  • Meditation
    OnYourMind: Tracy Gulliver admits that 20 minutes is a long time to be quiet
  • 'Tree Spirited Woman'
    YourStory: Colleen Baldrica's book offers wisdom on relationships, marriage, children, trust, and more
  • Warrior spirit
    YourStory: Rose Ann Heisel discovered her woman's soul through martial arts
  • Womanspirit rising
    Cover Artist: Risa Tritabaugh finds her artistic voice rising out of grief and despair
  • Painted: A spiritual experience
    YourStory: How Andrea Fricke learned to love her big, beautiful body
  • Water wisdom woman
    Nancy Scheibe gathered women's wisdom while paddling the Mississippi
  • Hidden wisdom
    Women'sWork: Giving birth to a more peaceful world
  • Spiritual Directors
    Spirituality Feature: The last installment of our two-part series
  • Spirituality Feature What, exactly, is a spiritual director? Part one in a two-part series
  • The wisdom of no escape
    EmergingVoices: Creating real peace between people
  • An education at high altitude
    Profile: U of M English advisor Beverly Atkinson trekked up Kilimanjaro last year. What she found during the 10-day hike reinforced her 30-year commitment to education.
  • Journey of the spirit
    PROFILE: The Rev. Claudia Windal, founder and CEO of the Indian Burial Assistance Project, seeks dignity for Native Americans in life and death.
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