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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Lesser
    A column by Ellie Krug about the difficulty of being left out of a gathering of feminist lesbians.
  • Using Our Voice & Vote: Power in a Room of Women
    Dual Perspectives: We launch a new column format, "Dual Perspectives," with long-time columnists Shannon Drury and Tami Mohamed Brown offering unique perspectives on their takeaways from the recent "MWP Conversation: Using Our Voice & Vote."
  • When We Are Gone
    Column: Author Kao Kalia Yang shares her vision of a world where all children are connected with their families in a beautiful and just world.
  • Column: Voting Is Non-Negotiable
    Shannon Drury: When I learned that half of the eligible adults in the United States don’t even bother to vote, I was as shocked as if I heard that 50 percent of people with giant diamonds flush them down the toilet.
  • What’s In a Name?
    Siena Iwasaki Milbauer: "It is really important to me that whatever I accomplish will reflect on my whole family and heritage."
  • The Dark & The Light
    Tami Mohamed Brown: "In September, the earth tilts a little differently as we near the place of balance — the equinox — the dark and the light in equal measure as the sun rises later, the nightfall coming sooner. "
  • Winona LaDuke on the Pipeline
    Grounded: "I’m ready to grow the next economy — one that’s fair and clean."
  • Shannon Drury: This is My [ Space ]
    Column: The Radical Housewife: No other all-woman group that writes its own songs and plays its own instruments has had a million-selling album since the Go-Go's "Beauty and the Beat" 30 years ago.
  • Column: The Lineage of an Apple Tree
    11-Mile Meditation: "At the end of spring, only three small, resilient plants remained. The advice on their successful growth like a mantra for self-care."
  • Columnist: Yo Mama  – Care. Less. Whispers
    Amoke Kubat: "I have never closed my heart despite a long life with heartbreak and pain. Now my heart tells me that it has reached its tipping point."
  • Column: Step Aside Boys
    The Radical Housewife: Shannon Drury's column this month looks at why her son cannot run for office.
  • Yo Mama column: Hidden in Plain Sight
    Amoke Kubat: "We have learned how to become invisible by taking up less space, diverting our eyes, keeping our heads down, shutting our mouths."
  • 11-Mile Meditation Column: A Condition of the Heart
    Tami Mohamed Brown reflects on what women don't know about heart health.
  • "White Supremacy is not about individuals per se — it is the lens through which decisions are made."

  • Cleaning house for political change
    Shannon Drury: "What possibilities arise when we push beyond our fears?"
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