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Point of View


ERA Impressions from Virginia

ERA Minnesota sent two representatives to Richmond, Virginia, to help with the final push for the 38th state to ratify

  •  01/17/2020


commentary of everyday women about starting points and roots

  •  12/23/2019



Indigenous Roots

LGBTQ+ content is made possible by Ellie Krug When MaryAnne Quiroz discovered she had the opportunity to open an arts and

  •  12/23/2019
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Witness Waves

My first memory of creating art was as a three-year-old. I took my mother’s food coloring collection — the type

  •  12/23/2019


MN-mortality Source Minnesota Center for Health Statistics

Failing Mothers and Children

“For Black women in America, an inescapable atmosphere of societal and systemic racism can create a kind of toxic physiological stress resulting in conditions, including hypertension and pre-eclampsia, that lead directly to higher rates of infant and maternal death.” — Linda Villarosa

  •  12/23/2019
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My Unintended Journey

adapted from “Green Card Entrepreneur Voices” My life as a child in Nicaragua was happy and peaceful. I am the

  •  12/23/2019
  •  12/23/2019