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You told us!

Minnesota Women's Press readers didn't hold back in our recent survey - both with praise and criticism. We appreciate both. It keeps us on our toes.
Our readers are a smart, savvy, active, opinionated bunch. Our readership is primarily women (97 percent) - could that have something to do with our name?
• 78 percent hold a four-year degree or more
• 48 percent are enrolled in a class
• 80 percent are heterosexual
• 63 percent are married or partnered
• 37 percent are business owners or entrepreneurs
• 32 percent have children in their households and
• 62 percent are planning for retirement or elder services for a family member or themselves
• Over half took the time to travel with their girlfriends in the past year.

When the Women's Press was founded as a business, we felt it was important to be strong and independent - like the women we write about. Thanks to our advertisers - and our readers who support our advertisers - we're in our 29th year of publishing.

We still value the importance of independence. And, so do our readers. Ninety-four percent shop regularly at local, independent stores. Ninety-eight percent contribute their money and 96 percent their time to causes they care about - the arts, community organizations, peace and justice issues, politics. Ninety-seven percent voted in the last election.

"I can trust the Women's Press more than other sources." "It's the only magazine for women, by women, focused on women's issues. It feels more like a community than other magazines I read."

We appreciate your praise. You describe the Women's Press as a community with a consistent voice and one that gives voice to women of different ages and cultures. A voice that shares examples of everyday activism and important resources for women. You like the diversity of contributors, issues presented, local, national and international news, our regular columnists and leadership voices.

On the flip side: You think the Women's Press could be more gutsy. You want more - more coverage of women of color, the lesbian community, more about what women are doing to advance feminism.

For some, we're seen as too edgy - and others, not edgy enough. Too feminist - and not feminist enough. Too straight - too lesbian. Some appreciate the diversity of voices - for others, it's not diverse enough.

Thank you! We're paying attention. We value your input and opinions. Keep telling us what you think!
Coming up:
Women and trees is our focus in October, 2013. Send us your haiku about your life and trees, editor@womenspress.com.
Deadline: Sept. 10, 2013
October advertising sections:
• Health Guide
• Home Guide
• Women & Pets Guide
• GoSeeDo Guide
Deadline: Sept. 10, 2013
November, 2013, is all about giving and receiving. What have you learned about receiving something you didn't think your wanted? Tell us about it. Send up to 150 words to editor@womenspress.com
Deadline: Oct. 10, 2013

November advertising sections:
• Education & Lifelong Learning Guide
• Girlfriends' Guide to Giving Back
• Holiday Guide
• GoSeeDo Guide
Deadline: Oct. 10, 2013

Congratulations to Molly Stern of Minneapolis, winner of the MWP readers' survey prize: $100 gift card to Lucia's Restaurant, Wine Bar & To Go.


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