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Women mean business

by Kathy Magnuson and Norma Smith Olson

As women, we have power in our pocketbooks. Together, women earn more than $1 trillion a year in the United States, we pay 80 percent of the bills and we make 88 percent of all retail purchases.

That is power we have in our everyday lives.

While we are planful about investing in a college fund, emergency savings or an IRA, we also make investments in our values and communities when we choose where to spend our everyday dollars.

With every swipe of the debit card, every smartphone payment, every signature on a check and every handing over of cold hard cash we send a message about what we believe in. Where we spend our dollars is a personal values statement. Everyday purchases for ourselves, our families and our businesses, like groceries, clothing, health care, technology and cars, help strengthen and grow individual businesses and organizations.

In this September magazine-with the annual Women's Directory on pages 39-70-we ask you to support businesses and organizations that have taken a stand as women-friendly. In some cases, they are women-owned. They value women in our community and they appreciate your business.

Spend your dollars in a way that will make a difference, a statement of your values.

Women mean business! In this issue we share stories of women who bring their personal values to their businesses. Susan Rani, who owns the largest female- and minority-owned professional engineering firm in Minnesota, advocates for girls to study engineering. Millie Adelsheim, Cynthia Daube and Sue Welna use their businesses to voice their personal stands in favor of marriage equality.

And, not only in business do women mean business! Artika Tyner advocates for youth in the juvenile justice system. Judy Helgen advocates for frogs. Shannon Drury advocates against global patriarchy. The Gorilla Yogis bring their yoga practice to unexpected places.

The Minnesota Women's Press is a women-owned and operated, local and independent business. The advertisers in this monthly magazine, in the annual Women's Directory and on the MWP website are the ones who make it possible for you to have these free sources of women's stories, community connections and useful information every month.

If you like what you read here, support our advertisers. If you value this publication let our advertisers know that you saw their ad in the Minnesota Women's Press. The words are simple: "I'm here because I saw your ad in the Women's Press." Or, "Thanks for advertising in the Women's Press."

We thank you!

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October's theme is brave and bold. What would you do it you were not afraid?

Tell us about it.


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November's theme is "a women's survival kit." Tell us a story about a woman who survived. She may be your sister, your friend, the woman next door. She may be ... you.

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