I know for sure that I have just as much access to power, abundance and energy as Donald Trump and every other "powerful" person on the planet. (How's that for a ballsy statement from a middle-class Midwestern wife and mother of two?)

I haven't realized the full extent of my access yet, but I now understand that it's all there for me. I just need to step into it and own it.

I know for sure that I have a pathway to all of these resources by the means of my own creativity. I do not need to compete or take from anyone else. I simply need to continue to expand myself and use my gifts and talents in a bigger and more meaningful way.

I know for sure that every human being has the ability to access this creative process as well. We just simply haven't been aware of it because we're so busy, busy, busy running our rat race and focusing on other things.

I know for sure that I feel more focused on what I do want by having experienced a whole lot of things I don't want. And so I am sincerely thankful for the dark forces in my life - hurt, anger, pain, lack, frustration, failure, disappointment, fear - for they have been my master teachers.

I know for sure that I am learning how to dance with darkness while keeping myself in the light.

I know for sure that when I've spent my time, energy, thought and breath on what's negative, I get sucked into it, become entranced by it, fired up by it, paralyzed by it, and then have had no resources left to do anything positive about it.

I know for sure that if I want something to change or shift, my best bet is to shift the negative energy into something positive that I want to create.

I know for sure that what I resist persists. So when I try to "fight" or "stop" something, I simply end up creating more of it because I give it more energy and thereby I give it more power and momentum.

I know for sure that as more abundance flows to me and through me, the things that I intend to invest it in are: clean energy, organic/local food, how to apply mindfulness and the power of play in schools, and empowering women to step up into the truth of their own power.

I know for sure that when I focus on my own courage, I feel much less fear, anger, scarcity, and pain.

I know for sure that if each of us could open up to believing in ourselves, our own personal power, our individual gifts, talents, desires, and dreams - for long enough to allow them to come to fruition, we will all be just fine.

I know for sure that when I collaborate with others who have the desire and courage to contribute their gifts and talents to the collective it creates a spark bright enough to ignite the world.

I know for sure that no one can take away my power. No person, no leader, no group. I can choose to give my power away, but no one can take it from me. I create my world. I create my experiences. I create my life. I create my culture. I create my society. It starts and ends with me. And that is truly powerful.

Betsy Koepke is an entrepreneur, executive coach, psychologist, wife, mother and paradigm shifter.

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