Environmental justice in North Minneapolis
I thought the most interesting piece in the October environmentally-themed magazine was the story about North Minneapolis. [Feature, MWP, Oct. 2017] We just don't try hard enough to make the polluters clean up their act. We know we don't want to live without roofs, which apparently require the smelting of asphalt. We just don't insist emphatically enough that it be done in a more environmentally responsible way. There are so many reasons why, but none of them good enough.
Lisa Peters, Minneapolis

Do you have a calling?
Recently my daughter Winifred headed off to school, along with many friends, Evelyn, Cole, and Miles to name a few. They dispersed to all corners of the country, full of excitement but also ambivalence as lately their futures had been feeling uncertain. Political threats to DACA, the fatal stabbing of a university student in Maryland, and white supremacist campus marches had them all rattled.

Nevertheless, my daughter and I arrived at her New York dorm, and attended all college proceedings and celebrations. Simultaneously hearing from her friend Evelyn, who arrived in Austin just as hurricane Harvey was receding, Cole settled in at Miami with Irma's peril approaching, and Miles reported views of wildfire smoke from his Portland dorm window. "Are you sure you should leave me here?" asked Winifred in earnest. I did leave her there, and with more faith in a liberal arts education then I'd ever thought possible.
Laura Balfour, Minneapolis

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