RE: Extremists and Wealth on the Left and the Right

It has already been mentioned that the 2017 election exposed the raw, greedy, racist and sexist underbelly of the extreme elements of the Republican Party, however, the sanctimonious behavior on the neoliberal Left isn’t any better. Rich, diverse, female and male movie stars, authors and philanthropists celebrate their politically correct victories equally zealously, while completely overlooking the lack of any real benefit for the majority of working poor women and men in this country. Fortunately, Susie Tompkins Buell has re-considered her financial support for senators who forced Senator Al Franken out and donors are re-considering their support for MPR since they forced out Garrison Keillor which at least provides a tiny opening for a possible some discussion of all of the variables at play: Forcing people out of work without due process is as extreme and reminds me of Kafka, as excluding Muslim immigrants and appointing Cabinet members and Agency directors from the private sector.

Colin Kaepernick is unemployed and Martin Luther King is dead; their convictions and their actions cost them something. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find Jesus sitting in an expensive restaurant sipping a glass of wine with wealthy donors. Government by extreme, wealthy, educated, sanctimonious elites, Democratic or Republican, hedge fund manager or philanthropist, with agendas that promote their prosperity and soothe their consciences, is not a victory (see Fortunes of Change: The Rise of the Liberal Rich and the Remaking of America by David Callahan) and is not democratic. Raising wages, providing health care for all, and working side by side with people in the trenches, will end the rise of the extremes because ordinary people can support themselves and control their own destiny; they will not need private philanthropy or public welfare.  — Mary Voight, St. Paul

RE: January 2018 writers

Thank you to the articulate writers in the January issue: Nausheena Hussain, Jessica Wicks and LaDonna Redmond. Your words and stories are heard, important and appreciated very much. — Julie Kilpatrick, Stillwater

RE: 2017 Changemaker
WeARE the Clinic (December 2017 issue)

These women are doing incredible work! I am so proud to call Julie Ingleman a dear friend. Her warmth and vivacious, non-stop work ethic is contagious. Thank you for awarding their hard work with the CHANGEMAKER award! WeARE will make an indelible mark on the community, one young person at a time. Thank you for your work in the under-served northern MN counties! — Jody Peterson Lodge