Authentic story-telling series by trans women
A six-episode series about trans and queer women navigating their professional and dating lives is available on You Tube. The cast and crew of "Her Story" consists of 80 percent women, half of whom are queer or trans. The series focuses not on the stereotyped curiosities of trans women for mainstream audiences, but on the more psychologically complicated struggles trans women go through as they decide when - and with whom - to share their personal stories.
Source: BuzzFeed

A dollar for your hateful thoughts
A prominent Muslim academic expert in Australia is often televised wearing her hijab. Also the wife of a famous talk show host, Susan Carland gets a lot of attention - from online haters. "If they're putting ugliness into the world," Carland wondered, "how can I put [out] something beautiful in response to that?" She decided to take action by donating $1 to charity for every hateful tweet she gets. Within the first month, she had $1,000 Australian dollars in donations - given to UNICEF, her charity of choice because the organization tends to help children who are in bad situations largely because of hate.
Source: Womens E-News

Turkish delight: A feminist soap opera
The series finale of a Middle Eastern TV show brought new views about marriage to 80 million people. "Gümü" is about a couple in an equal partnership, and has not only caught on as entertainment, but is leading to societal changes. "A wave of divorce is happening [in Turkey] as women feel empowered by it," said one documentarian who traveled to Turkey to talk with the show's creators. The writers, directors and producers are Turkish women who respect traditions and religious beliefs while creating female characters who push for equality. A couple has an arranged marriage, for example - but are engaged in conversation about premarital sex and unwanted pregnancy.
Source: Yes Magazine

2015 Minnesota Femicide Report For more than 25 years, the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women has tracked homicides in which the known or suspected perpetrator was a current or former intimate partner, or the homicide is the result of domestic violence between current or former intimate partners. In the recently released 2015 Femicide Report, public information revealed that at least 22 Minnesota women died last year from domestic violence and 9 family members/friends were murdered due to violence between partners. At least three men died from domestic violence, and 17 minor children were left without a mother.
Source: Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women