Q: What might the new Governor's Task Force for Housing focus on?

A: Minnesota has a rich legacy of civic innovation — housing is no exception. Task Force recommendations will build on what is currently working in different parts of our state and borrow best practices from across the country. Our ultimate focus will be to arrive at a set of solutions where there is consensus. Each work group is in the process of identifying four to six topics to begin exploring more deeply. My focus as task force co-chair is to support work group co-chairs in this exploration, as well as ensure ongoing ways for the public to stay informed and weigh in meaningfully.

Q: Do you have “gold star” community projects to suggest as an example of solutions to emulate?

A: Minnesota has many projects that address the unique needs that we can emulate. One example: our Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Place project, which includes emergency shelter and permanent housing, coupled with integrated services that help people move up and out of homelessness. We are in the process of completing the second phase of this project. It represents good policy; an experience and evidence-based service delivery model that supports the whole individual, as well as people from all sectors and political backgrounds investing in the common good.