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Minnesota Women's Press
  • Next MWP Conversation: October 16
    Sen. Patricia Torres Ray and Nekima Levy Armstrong are keynote speakers for "Using Our Voice & Vote," October 16, Carondelet Center in St. Paul.
  • Kate Nowlin: Stories With Dimension
    "The more I learned about the desire to serve and sacrifice for one’s country, the less relevant the issue of gender became. A soldier is a soldier is a soldier.” 
  • Shannon Gibney: Under-Told Stories
     “The stories that we tell, or don’t tell, for that matter, define every aspect of our lives.”
  • What’s In a Name?
    Siena Iwasaki Milbauer: "It is really important to me that whatever I accomplish will reflect on my whole family and heritage."
  • MWP Conversation
    We are launching a series of MWP Conversations. Join us!
  • Our Shared Trauma of Race
    BookShelf: "Children know when they are missing out — and when they are genuinely welcomed and loved."
  • Action in the Pipeline Process
    Act Now: For several years, community members have worked together to try to stop oil pipelines from cutting through Native lands in Minnesota that are used for clean-water fishing and wild ricing.
  • How to Re-Align  Our “Normal”
    Learning Life:  "To build something new, and to get to where many of us say we want to go, we truly have to understand and acknowledge and face our history as a nation."
  • Using Our Voice & Vote
    Our next MWP Conversation, "Using Our Voice & Vote." will be held October 16 at the Carondelet Center in St. Paul. 
  • Our ongoing general submissions from readers.
  • Why Green Spaces Are White
    Ism Schism: “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist.”  — Angela Davis
  • Immigration Facts
    Think (July 2018): Data, statistics, and facts about ICE arrests and deportation
  • Shannon Drury: This is My [ Space ]
    Column: The Radical Housewife: No other all-woman group that writes its own songs and plays its own instruments has had a million-selling album since the Go-Go's "Beauty and the Beat" 30 years ago.
  • Money Matters: Shaping the business of food
    Notes from the recent national Women Chefs & Restaurateurs conference, led by Kim Bartmann ... Q&A with a former General Mills marketing expert about the business of food ... Hmong farmers in St. Paul transforming vacant lots.
  • Column: The Lineage of an Apple Tree
    11-Mile Meditation: "At the end of spring, only three small, resilient plants remained. The advice on their successful growth like a mantra for self-care."
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