Norma Smith Olson and Kathy Magnuson.
Norma Smith Olson and Kathy Magnuson.
Change is the word of 2008. It was the buzzword of the 2008 political season. Change is everywhere these days.

At the end of every year at the Minnesota Women's Press we intentionally look back for signs of change ... and inspiration and hope. You'll find in this annual Changemakers issue the stories of 10 amazing women and organizations who in the past year worked to make the world a better place for women and girls.

This year's honorees have made change in schools, exercise studios, the court system and the Republican National Convention. Their tools have been peace vests, gavels, test tubes, essays, research projects and suitcases. What they have in common is that they turned their passion into action; each promoted, in their own way, greater equality, justice and self-determination for women and girls. They all have powerful stories to tell.

On these pages you'll read about Kathryn Kysar, who collected women's writings about their mothers. She gathered stories from warm and fuzzy to funny and heart-rending, stories of loss, gratitude, tribute and reflection. These are the kinds of stories that affect our personal universe, stories that affirm or challenge our thinking, and make us feel like we're not alone. Susan Armington and Meeock Park gathered Korean elder women's stories through artwork. Ann Dwight Lewis rallied people in Peace Teams to work for peace during the RNC last summer. Wendy Rahn helps women cancer survivors through fitness. Women are working for legal change from the makeup of the judicial court to the Minnesota House of Representatives to the driver's license bureau. No matter what the scale, from individual to global, these women are inspiring and give us hope for a better world.

At the Minnesota Women's Press we are making some changes of our own.

In February 2009, we will change from a biweekly newspaper to a monthly magazine format to focus more than ever on the power of women's stories and voices-stories of women like you, stories of hope and connection, of challenge and change. It's an idea that's been incubating for several years and now is becoming a reality.

You'll still be able to find us in the same free distribution sites (visit and click on Get a Copy to find one) or in the mail if you are a subscriber. We'll still be changing the universe through women's stories. And we welcome your comments, essays and perspectives along the way. Send us your thoughts about change in your life and in our world to

As we celebrate these Changemakers from 2008 let's also look ahead to a new year of possibility, gratitude, intention, and, yes, more positive change for women and girls!