10 random acts

With the new year started, here are 10 easy and inexpensive (most are free!) ways to set intentions that spread kindness through your network:
1. Post a positive review or testimonial on LinkedIn, Facebook business page, Yelp for someone you know who offers a great product or service.

2. When someone posts on social media that they are seeking a recommendation, suggest your favorite service provider and tag their business page or list their URL.
3. Support artisans and small businesses within your network. Who in your network could you make a gift purchase from? An artist, crafter, musician, author, boutique shop owner? 

4. Comment on and share your favorite blog posts and articles written by those in your network to help them get their message out.
5. Send a handwritten card expressing appreciation.
6. Mail a $5 coffee card to a connection just because you feel like it.
7. Contact someone to let her or him know what positive impact they made on you and how you are carrying it forward.
8. For the people you know who are seeking employment: Take time to think about whether you know anyone who might be hiring for a position they are suited for and pass along job leads.
9. Call a client and simply say thank you for the pleasure of doing business with them.
10. When you introduce people in your network to each other, share something you really appreciate about each person - beyond their name and job title.

Get your new year off to a good start by setting positive intentions to build and spread your network. Kindnesses will come back your way.

Teresa Thomas is the director of MN Women in Networking and the author of Win/Win Networking. www.mnwin.org and www.winwinnetworking.com

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