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  • Editor's Letter: How Iceland Reminded Us How We Intersect
    I begin with the story of Iceland because I love how its women were able to remind everyone, on one pivotal day, how we intersect as a society.
  • In the following pages, we go deeper with two of the issues that are impacting the health of community: affordable housing and mental health. We look at how those threads are snagged, and hear from women who are part of the solutions.
  • Snag #1: Wages & Housing Prices
    In Minnesota, between 2000 and 2015, the median renter's wage decreased by 11 percent while the gross rent went up by 9 percent.
  • Snag #2: Non-Affordable Housing
    Even “affordable housing” costs tend to have a disproportionate impact on many Minnesota residents, especially women and seniors.
  • Snag #3 - Housing & Safety
    "We see that housing stability is one of the top reasons women stay in abusive relationships, because they have nowhere else to go.”
  • Housing Needs Statewide
    “[Society needs to] change the idea of housing as a privilege and not a right, because no one in society can be a productive member without housing." — Antisar Vickers, who fought against foreclosures in North Minneapolis
  • Solutions: Q&A With Acooa Ellis
    We asked Acooa Ellis, co-chair of the new Governor's Task Force for Housing, to explain the group's mission.
  • Connecting Invisible Entrepreneurs
    The March ConnectUp! summit aims to connect typically invisible entrepreneurs with investors.
  • Ism Schism: I Am a Tapestry
    "How do we do this without feeling like we’re ticking off a series of checkboxes, especially when it comes to our own identities?"
  • Ongoing Trail of Tears
    "Learning terms and diagnoses does not compare to what I learn working with Native American families who are struggling through the most personal and painful situations — witnessing how their life circumstances can be directly tied to the historical trauma they have endured."
  • Learning Life: What I Learned About Restorative Justice
    Awareness and understanding sometimes come from the most unexpected places. In my case, it was from going to San Quentin State Prison, in northern California.
  • BookShelf: Understanding Implicit Bias
    Women and people of color are disproportionately impacted by the often severe real-life consequences of implicit bias in employment, education, housing, health care, and policing. 
  • Reducing Stigma Doesn’t Fund Mental Health
    "It’s time to embrace the idea that we as individuals are not necessarily sick — it is adapting to what our society is that makes us ill."
  • In the March 2018 issue, called "Tapestry," we weave together thoughts about the ways that our society is snagged around affordable housing, mental health, and listening to other perspectives.
  • Seeking Diversity in Environmental Activism
    How reflective are Minnesota’s environmental groups of the diversity of communities — their needs, their voices?
  • Act Now: Can We Create a New System?
    "Even before #MeToo, our multiple shared experiences had long established the prevalence and personal pain of these crimes, but now those coming forward uncovered an epidemic and opened our eyes to the systemic structures that support predators."

  • Our ongoing general submissions from readers.
  • One Caregiver’s Perspective
    "With dementia I am losing the life partner with whom I could share problems, discuss issues, enjoy leisure."
  • Our Catholic-Atheist-Jewish Family
    "As a married couple with two daughters, we discussed what role religion and faith would have in their lives. We decided to not determine their religion, but would both be responsible for teaching them about our faith traditions."
  • Magic in the Water
    "I happened to observe an occupational therapist working with children on the autism spectrum in the water. She told me parents could not find swimming classes for their children’s learning needs."
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